RCA Launches Relocation Management Services to Provide Seamless, End-to-End Client Experience

June 18, 2021

Resource Commercial Advisors recently launched Relocation Management Services to help its clients seamlessly navigate the complexities of building out and moving into commercial spaces.  While many tenant rep brokers view lease signing as the “end of the process,” Resource Commercial Advisors recognizes the post lease signing period as critical to achieving total client satisfaction.

“We often found that our clients had difficulty managing build outs on their own, particularly when their staff members were heads down on their assigned jobs,” said Mark Brodson, Designated Managing Broker for Resource Commercial Advisors. “When build outs were delayed, clients looked to us to help them through the process. By then, we were in crisis resolution mode. Relocation Management Services enable us to identify and resolve challenges early in the construction process to ensure a calmer, more timely project outcome.”

RCA successfully completed its first Relocation Management Assignment in May, 2021 for Lake Forest Pediatrics. RCA’s management services helped to bring a very time-sensitive build out over the finish line on time and on budget. Since completing the Lake Forest Pediatrics Assignment, RCA has begun offering Relocation Management Services to all of its tenant representation clients and continues to have consistent results that drive the highest levels of client satisfaction.